Jonathan S. Abrams is a native of Boston, Massachusetts. He has a B.S. Degree from Lyndon State College in Vermont and studied Communication Arts and Sciences. For some reason, he was drawn to the camera as he wanted to be the one that captured the images we see on TV and in the movies. After working in Florida for 10 years as a Union professional Stagehand in various capacities and also at WXEL, a PBS television station, he decided it was time to get to the next level of his career and move to Los Angeles. Now, with 20 plus years in the business and a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 600 of the International Cinematographers Guild and The Society of Camera Operators (SOC), his most recent works were on “Avatar”, “Tripping Tommy” (aka “The Guru and the Gypsy”) and “America’s Next Top Model”. He occasionally works as a Director of Photography and sometimes takes part in the production process as an Associate Producer when necessary. Mr. Abrams is a great communicator, a stickler for detail and is known for his smooth camera work in any situation.


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